We are very pleased to have worked with Intuition. Intuition started in 2012 to offer affordable, additional educational support to children and young people, residing in Gatley and surrounding areas. The project was comprehensive covering many aspects of design and supply of print materials. This included the following:


Website Design

Just as important as a visually pleasing website was the sites functionality. An important factor was to capture the data from potential students and from interested parents.
Intuition website »


Print Material

Intuition Flyer
Intuition Brochure


Custom Map

Google maps are very poor for print work. Here we have created a custom map using vectors highlighting the most important landmarks.


Social Media

We have setup Intuition on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Google+.

Intuition Facebook cover images



A1 Poster for pavement signage
Sign for lightbox

It is envisaged that the following will be designed and produced in the near future: Signboards, window stickers and other merchandise products.