We are very pleased to have worked with GMM Estates – an estate agents whose main area of activity is in the South of England. The project was comprehensive covering many aspects of design and supply of print materials. This included the following:

Logo Design

The client wanted an immediate recognisable logo that reflected their line of work. Something elegant, simple and not too conceptual. We decided on a stately home image which was in line with their portfolio of luxury homes. Secondly, there are three partners in the business and therefore we went for three homes to symbolise this fact.

  #BE1E2D (Burgundy Red)

  #414042 (Slate Grey)

  Arabic Typesetting

Website Design

The clients wanted their website design to conform to modern trends ie a large slider on the homepage which envelops the whole screen. We aimed at making the site fully responsive so that it looks great on all devices, whether its a large desktop display, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. Functionality wise, the clients requested that the site allowed users to enter their own property details after a succesful registration.
GMM Estates website »

Business Stationery

The clients wanted a very simple, professional corporate look to their business cards and self-inked stamps.



This is a new service we are now providing. In this case high key corporate style photography ie a white background with no content.


We are in the process of designing “TO LET” and “FOR SALE” signboards for the client.