We are very pleased to have worked with the AQS Society – whose primary aim is the refurbishment of the first mosque in the United Kingdom. The project was comprehensive covering many aspects of design and supply of print materials. This included the following:


Logo Re-design

A new logo was needed for the AQS Society based in Liverpool. The original logo was in a jpg format. This meant that the logo could not – in its present state – be enlarged without losing valuable detail. What was required was to recreate the logo in a format called vector. The process involved drawing out all the lines using a light pen of the original logo and converting each line/curve produced into a vector. Vector images can be enlarged/reduced without any loss in detail. The images below demonstrate the point:

Original AQS Logo
Non vector format
New AQS logo
vector format


Though the original logo might be visually appealing enough it still does not allow for enlargement without some degradation:

Original logo enlarged
– some considerable blur
New AQS vector logo enlarged
– no degradation in quality


Orgaisation Cards

Reverse side


Website Design

It was important that both the blend of history and a functional worshipping building was represented by the website.

AQS website »

  #262422 (Victorian Brown)

  #5B4E3D (Medium Brown)

  #73C0E2 (Light Blue)

We continue to maintain the website, uploading new photos of the refurbishment and regular timetable changes.


Magazines and Brochures

We have designed and produced annual newsletters for the society and various other brochures, leaflets and magazines.


Social Media

We have set-up Facebook and other social media platforms for the society. This includes cover and profile images.

AQS Facebook cover image


Email Marketing

We have established a large database of friends and supporters of the society. Regular professional email newsletters are sent periodically.



We are in the process of designing signboards for the new refurbished mosque.