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The Client: The Abdullah Quilliam Society

The Abdullah Quilliam Society (AQS) is a small group of dedicated individuals who wish to restore the First Mosque in England via donations, preserving its Georgian and Victorian features.

The Mosque was founded by a Victorian convert to Islam, Abdullah Quilliam in 1887.

It is the aim of the AQS to highlight the history behind this remarkable gentleman, the mosque he built, discuss his ideals and continue his legacy…

The Challenge

The Abdullah Quilliam Society (AQS) has had a website ( for some years now and wanted a more modern, clean, crisp ‘look’ and ‘feel’ to complement the historical and heritage value of the First Mosque in England. This will achieve three primary goals:

Firstly, establish that is the primary place to learn about Abdullah Quilliam – The man, his associates, his ethos, his legacy and the historic mosque he founded.

Secondly, raise funds for the restoration/refurbishment project – In particularly attract donors from various different communities and nationalities – both nationally and internationally:
“Help to restore England’s First Mosque”
“Preserve our Islamic Heritage in England”
“Liverpools Heritage Assets – Cathedrals, Maritime, The First Mosque in England”

Thirdly, highlight the activities of the mosque. Emphasis how many of these activities are simply a continuation of the work and principles of Abdullah Quilliam:
“Abdullah Quilliam Legacy lives on through the AQS”

Project Timeline

Project Duration: 2-3 months
Designer/Developer: Afzal Kaduji

The Approach


Heading Font: Victorain typeface – Calson

Body Font: Inconsolata

These typefaces were chosen to represent the Victorian period of which Abdullah Quilliam lived.

Colour Scheme

Victorian colours: A nice palette of period paint colours taken from the mid and late Victorian era’s.

Base Colour: #627F7B

Accent Colour: #C1272D (Moroccan Red – chosen from the Moroccan features in the original building)


Simple illustration of the Brougham Terrace – The First Mosque in England.

Custom made map – to simply show how visitors can reach the historic site.

Victorian decorative elements used throughout the web-site.


Press the play button to hear ‘The Muslim Anthem’. A poem by Abdullah Quilliam.

Web Pages

Abdullah Quilliam Portraiture page.

Abdullah Quilliam Time-line page.

Reburbishment projects at the historic mosque.

Student Accommodation page.

Visit Site

6 Responses

  1. F. Zahra Hassan
    | Reply

    Nice and simple yet elegant in design. Easy to understand and manoeuvre.

    • Afzal
      | Reply

      Thank-you Zahra

  2. Carlo Schroder
    | Reply

    Well done. I really like the website. It has nice layout, good design and is very informative. The mosque once restored will be important not only to the muslim community but to the people of Liverpool and Britain and it will be an important symbol for religious diversity and cohesion.

    • Afzal
      | Reply

      Thank-you Carlo. Much appreciated.

  3. Steven Horton
    | Reply

    As a historian living in Liverpool with an interest in crime, I have been really fascinated by Abdullah Quilliam. I visited the mosque on an open day and really enjoyed seeing the restoration and look forward to going again when more work done.

    • Afzal
      | Reply

      Thank-you Steven

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